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Automated Funds Transfer (AFT)

Create a payments strategy to keep your supplier relationships strong – and your payments on time.  

Save time and optimize your payments process 

Automated Funds Transfers (AFT) is a secure file transfer service powered by PaymentStream™ that enables safe and simple transfers to and from your business account. 
  • Reduce admin time
  • Automate reoccurring customer payments
  • Increase visibility into payments
  • Automate regular payments to vendors and suppliers
What it costs:
  • $150 one time set up fee
  • $60 monthly fee for automatic release
  • $10 per manual file release
  • $75 additional originator ID fee
  • Security token fees may apply

How it works

PaymentStream™ is a service provided by Central1 who is the partner of choice for financial, digital banking and payment products and services for over 250 financial institutions across Canada.

PaymentStream™ AFT uses the latest two-factor authentication technology to ensure your money is secure from end to end. Users can choose a physical token (hard token) for a fee, or a digital token available for free through your smartphone.

Once you’ve set up your account through the secure platform, you can input customer information and setup one-time or recurring transactions. You can set up a variety of payment frequencies (ex. weekly, monthly) and can even schedule future dated transactions. Through the secure platform, you can also generate and download reports as needed.

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