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Non-redeemable US term deposits
Personal investing

Non-redeemable US term deposits

Grow your US dollar savings for your next big trip or cross-border shopping trip.   

Invest for the long term 

Set it and forget it” with our longer-term non-redeemable US term deposits. Grow your US dollar savings for your travel that’s a few years away.
  • Invest $1000 or more
  • Terms of 1 to 5 years
  • Not redeemable
  • Interest paid annually
  • Non-registered

Park your money for less than a year 

Maybe your trip is coming up in a few months and you want to use some of your US cash. You can still earn interest with our shorter-term non-redeemable term deposits. Choose a term between 30 and 364 days. At the end, you`ll get your cash back plus guaranteed interest.  

  • Invest $5000 or more
  • Terms of 30 to 364 days
  • Not redeemable
  • Interest paid at maturity
  • Non-registered

Ways to bank with us

The many ways you can access your accounts, documents, statements, and more:

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Stay flexible with the option to withdraw your money anytime after 30 days.

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Rate climber

Enjoy higher rates the longer you stay invested — but you can cash out at the end of each year.

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If interest rates rise, you can switch to a non-redeemable term deposit of equal or greater length.

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Get a better interest rate if you don’t need to touch your money before the maturity date. 

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Get guaranteed returns whether you need flexibility or can lock in for a higher rate.

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