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As a Prospera Credit Union member, you get local expertise from local people who care about you.
Why join Prospera Credit Union

Local means we know you because we are you.

We live in your communities. We’re your friends and neighbours. And neighbours look after each other.
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Combining know-how and can-do.

Our door is always open. Come in for a chat, whether you just want to get to know us better or you have a specific question. We look forward to figuring it out together. Talk to us about:
Personal banking
Business banking
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Member stories

Prospera recognizes me when I come in: they know my name! We’re not just a statistic or bank account number to them… we’re people who have real lives and have real needs. They have really helped us to get to where we are and to achieve the life that we want.

Karen & Wilf, Chilliwack members

Embracing a new, local spirit in banking

We take a holistic approach to your finances, so you’re not just banking with us, you’re getting a fresh perspective and new solutions to old problems and everyday financial challenges.
No hidden fees, no convoluted rules. All good experiences.
A different kind of banking experience.

We keep banking simple. We help you save your money, and put it to work for you.

We treat you just like we treat our friends and family.
You’re a person, not a number. We love that!

Everything we do has you in mind. Real people, real advice, real local expertise.

We can’t wait to find custom financial solutions for your needs.
We’re problem-solvers, not product-pushers.

No hidden agenda, no crazy sales targets. Just honest, simple advice directly relevant to you.

As a member of Prospera Credit Union, you get to vote on the future.
You drive, we navigate. Let’s hit the road.

Some people want you to believe finances are super complex. Not our style. With you in the driver’s seat, we help navigate your road to financial success.

You really do own a piece of us for just $5.

When you become a member, you get a say in the future direction of Prospera and you can even run for our board of directors, if you're into it.

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Business member spotlight

Local retail legends Sports Junkies: 29 years and counting.

“Running a business is definitely a team sport. We’ve been with Prospera right from the beginning of our business. They’ve always been there for us, backing us up. We’re glad to have Prospera on our team.”

Peter H., Sport Junkies, Vancouver, BC

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Local banking means more.

More one-on-one attention, with real people. Who really care. And more commitment to the
communities we all live and work in. And you know what else? Local banking means... get homegrown expertise that helps everyone prosper.

...we know every one of our members is different.

...your bankers are also your friends and family.

...your money makes a difference in our community.

Community investment keeps your money local

As a Prospera Credit Union member, every single dollar you place into our care helps support local community initiatives.

Investing in our communities means everyone prospers

Funding, empowerment, and support help build strong, healthy, and safe communities for all of us.

Empowering individuals and organizations with sponsorships, grants, and donations

Backing a range of local initiatives, from social to environmental to economic, helps foster balanced community growth.

Supporting our students with scholarships, awards, and bursaries

Nurturing our future business owners and community leaders is definitely one of the best investments we could ever make.

Community impact

Not that we’re keeping score...

But we’re pretty proud of these numbers! Investing in our communities grows prosperity for everyone. Your membership helps make our communities stronger.

See how you help

  • $1M+

    invested back into communities annually

  • $5.2M+

    disbursed in foundation grants since 1992

  • 90+

    local organizations supported

  • 5,000+

    annual employee volunteer hours

Ways to bank with us

The many ways you can access your accounts, documents, statements, and more:

How to reach us

Call our Member Service Centre

Toll free
1 888 440 4480

Monday to Friday
8 am - 8 pm

Saturday 9 am - 5 pm

Contact tech support
Send us an email