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    Receive an annual fee rebate on new credit cards*

    Looking for a new credit card? Apply for one of our Visa Infinite cards and receive your first year annual fee free and 5,000 welcome points

    $0 Investment transfer fee

    Move your investments and save the hassle and the cost with our $0* Investment transfer fee.

    Don’t miss out on limited time offers!

    Cash bonus? Reward points? Extra perks? We’ve got all that and more. Don’t miss out on these limited time offers.

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    Cyber Security

    Keep your accounts safe online

    We will never contact you about personal or login information by email, text or phone.

    Visit our online banking security page for tips and information on how to protect yourself digitally.

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    Get pre-approved for a mortgage with a competitive rate today

    Buy a home

    Make your next move into a great mortgage.

    Enjoy competitive interest rates, flexible payment schedules, your choice of terms, and some pretty sweet perks. Plus, your daily bank account is free for the life of your mortgage!

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    Wealth planning

    Wealth services aren’t just for the ultra wealthy.

    Your bank balance shouldn’t determine whether or not you get access to financial planning advice. Ask us about wealth planning, because it’s never too late or too early to start.

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    Financial wellness advice and tips

    Helping you make more sense of your dollars and cents.
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    Personal banking

    Start saving now to make a big difference in your future.

    Small changes in the way you save and budget your spending can add up over time, both in your bank balance and your savings habits. Read the blog for a few easy ways to get started.

    Home ownership

    Buying your first home? Get the home buyer’s toolkit.

    As a first time home buyer, you have more incentives than ever to help you make one of the biggest purchases of your life. Read the blog for what you need to know.

    Starting a business

    Put your best business foot forward.

    Starting a business can be intimidating, but with a little planning, research, and help from a business advisor, you can take the right steps toward your business dream.

    Wealth planning

    Ways your money can do more than just make money.

    Some people want you to believe the world of money is too complex. They’d rather you just leave it up to them. But it’s not as complicated as you’ve been led to believe. Here’s why you should stay in the driver’s seat.

    Prospera Credit Union supports local events, programs, and causes.

    Join the party with Prospera!

    Visit our team at tons of fun events this summer for on-site giveaways, great games and exciting prizes. Plus, membership has its perks. New members can join now and get $200*!

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