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Qtrade Guided Portfolios
Personal investing

Qtrade® Guided Portfolios

Not sure where to start? Use guided portfolios for your online investment needs.

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With Qtrade Guided Portfolios' advanced technology and expert guidance, your portfolio is optimized to help you reach your financial objectives through automated investing with a personal touch.

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Investment Portfolio

Professional portfolio

A skillfully crafted investment portfolio tailored to align with your financial objectives, made just for you.
Automated service

Fully automated

Completely automated portfolio service that doesn't require any monitoring or management on your part.
Expert oversight

Expert oversight

Qtrades team of experts provides ongoing supervision and performs regular portfolio re-balancing to ensure optimal performance.
Friendly support

Friendly support

When you require their assistance, you can depend on a friendly client support team ready to help you meet your goals.

Qtrade Guided Portfolios allows you to save time while making smart investmest decisions.

Qtrade Guided Portfolio

What’s a guided portfolio?

Qtrade® Guided Portfolios, is simply a low-cost service powered by software that determines the best mix of investments to meet your goals. Overtime, your portfolio will automatically adjust based on the current market and your risk appetite. There are real people behind the software. And, if you run into issues, real people can help you along the way.

Low-cost portfolios

Qtrade® Guided Portfolios

Invest in a hands-off portfolio that matches your goals. Let sophisticated software recommend a diversified mix of investments, and then monitor and rebalance it for you, automatically.

Get a professionally designed portfolio:

  • Automated decision-making
  • Oversight by professionals 
  • Mobile apps to track investments
  • Friendly, knowledgeable support 

Get started in 3 easy steps:

  • Complete a simple goal-based questionaire
  • Open and fund your account
  • Start investing in your new portfolio, automatically

Already have an existing account?

All set? Make sure to download the Qtrade mobile apps for the best way to manage your Qtrade Guided Portfolio accounts on the go.
Qtrade investing online

Prefer do-it-yourself?

Consider Qtrade® Direct Investing™

Qtrade Direct Investing™ is more suited for the self-investor and allows you to build your own investment portfolio from the ground up. Trade stocks, bonds and more through a leading online broker and save on fees. You'll get access to:

  • Powerful planning and research tools
  • Mobile apps to track investments
  • Online support available

Learn more
Work with a wealth advisor

Wealth planning

Work with a Wealth Advisor

Whether you’ve been building your investment portfolio for years, or you’re just getting started, there’s more to a wealth plan than putting money away for retirement. We’re here to help.

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