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Business borrowing

Project financing

Financing to assist with the development of industrial, commercial, and residential properties.  

Looking for your next project financing solution?

Look no further, we specialize in construction and land development. We’re here to help with your property development business finance residential or commercial development or construction of industrial, commercial, and residential properties.  

Speak to our specialists about:

  • Competitive financial solutions that meet your needs and help you take advantage of market conditions and opportunities.  
  • Advice to help you understand and explore development and construction options.  
  • Access to a team of respected and experienced project financing professionals with a range of experience across asset classes and development types.  

Explore other business borrowing solutions

Commercial loan

Invest in your business’s growth without tying up working capital.

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Commercial line of credit

Be ready to seize business opportunities at a moment’s notice.

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Commercial mortgages

Compared to a loan or line of credit, mortgages generally allow you to borrow more money at a lower interest rate. 

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Letter of credit

Give suppliers Prospera’s promise that they will receive payment.

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Member testimonial

“Prospera has played a significant role in our company, both as a lender and mentor. We can focus on our projects knowing Prospera always has our back.” - Tejvir Atwal, Development Manager, Apcon Group

Discover the inspiring story of Apcon Group, a real estate development company dedicated to transforming communities through townhome and condominium projects. With the unwavering support of Prospera Credit Union as their trusted lender and mentor, Apcon Group can focus on their projects with confidence.
Business Advice

Business advice

Get help with each stage of your business

Whether you're starting up, growing and busy, stagnating and stuck, or ready to pass the business torch, talk to one of our business advisors for local BC knowledge and the financial expertise you need on your team.

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