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Additional services
Additional services

Prospera is committed to meeting all of your needs, big and small.

Let us take care of your to-do list, whether it’s protecting your important documents, or sending a wire transfer to family abroad. Each of our additional services are listed below.


Prospera offers personalized cheques in a variety of unique styles for both personal and business use. Basic over the counter printed cheques are also available.

To view available cheque styles, click here. The cost for 100 personal cheques ranges from about $45 to just over $50. Additional charges apply for duplicate cheques, leather chequebook covers, unique typestyles, monograms, lifestyle marks and cheque thoughts. Prices for business cheques range from approximately $75 for 50 cheques to $165 for 600 cheques. Additional charges apply for cheque binders/organizers and unique typestyles, logos, slogans and colours. Personal unlimited senior accounts include free personalized cheques in the Flair style and free over the counter cheques.

Members can order personalized cheques from a branch, by phone, or through online banking. Basic over the counter cheques are available to be ordered and printed on demand at any branch.

To order personalized cheques through online banking, just follow these steps:

  1. Log into online banking
  2. Click on Account Services
  3. Click Order Cheques under Online Settings and Requests
  4. Complete the online form
  5. Indicate your consent by clicking the boxes at the bottom of the form (because there may be service charges associated with your order) and then click Continue
  6. Review the information you've entered to be sure it’s accurate, and then click Submit

A Prospera representative may contact you by phone or email to confirm the details of your order. Your cheques will be delivered to the location you've indicated on the online cheque order form within 2-4 weeks.

Please note that personal cheques ordered through online banking are available in the standard style only. You can visit a branch to choose your preferred cheque design, order duplicate cheques, or to have over the counter cheques printed.

For business cheque orders, pricing will vary depending on style, quantity and type. Please call 1-888-440-4480 or visit a branch to order.

Standard Cheque Design

Standard Cheque Prices

  Quantity Price
  25 $37.60
  50 $45.03
  100 $47.20

Safety Deposit Boxes

Even though your attic or closet may seem safe, your irreplaceable belongings need to be properly safeguarded against loss, fire, flooding and theft. Nowhere is safer for precious jewelry, legal documents or special family keepsakes than a safety deposit box.

Don’t take a chance on your valuables – visit a branch and secure your most precious belongings today!

The Safety Deposit Box Contract Terms and Conditions are changing. Click here to view the new Safety Deposit Box Contract Terms and Conditions. To view the previous terms and conditions, click here.


Foreign Currency

Need some foreign cash before you depart on that dream vacation? USD, Euros or British Pounds – we have you covered! Do a lot of shopping across the line?

Enroll in our Personal US account to save on exchange fees when you’re in the United States. 

See Prospera Foreign Exchange Rates, or plan ahead for your trip with our Foreign Exchange Calculator

Hold your foreign exchange buying rate here.


Check your credit report with Equifax

Give yourself some credit. Or, at the very least, know how much credit you have. 

Equifax Canada Inc. recommends you examine your credit report every two or three years to ensure it is accurate. They provide an online investigation process that can provide error corrections and dispute resolutions within a couple of business days. 

Equifax receives your credit information directly from the financial institutions and retail outlets you use. This is the report lenders refer to whenever you apply for loans or credit. Equifax compiles your credit information and makes this credit report available to lenders. 

To obtain your credit report – at no charge – contact Equifax at 1-800-465-7166

 Or – for a fee of $14.50 – access your credit report instantly by visiting Equifax online.

Quickly move money around the world with a wire transfer

Send or receive money quickly and securely, within Canada or internationally.

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