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Personal Banking

Compare savings accounts

Remember piggy banks? Our interest-paying savings accounts help you save and spend your pennies too.
Premium interest rate

High growth savings account

Rev up your savings with a premium interest rate. You’ll accumulate more, faster.

Monthly features
  • Interest rate: 1.10%*
  • 2 free transactions
  • $0/month (Yes, it’s free!)
Flexibility with interest

Savings account

Stay flexible with more free transactions. You’ll still earn interest every month.

Monthly features
  • Interest rate: 0.01% ($0–$9,999), 0.050% ($10,000–$99,999), 0.30% ($100,000+)*
  • 5 free transactions
  • $0/month (Yes, it’s free!)

Local banking means
easier access to advice and expertise.

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Ways to bank with us

The many ways you can access your accounts, documents, statements, and more:
Term deposits offer guaranteed returns and peace of mind.

Personal investing

Build savings safely

There are enough ups and downs in life. Save your money in a term deposit and enjoy guaranteed returns.

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