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Advanced business deposit

Deposit batches of cheques in seconds from the comfort of your own office.  

Deposit cheques in 3 simple steps 

Advanced business deposit uses the same technology that we use in our branches. It’s fast, safe, and secure.  
Set up
Use technology to simplify your invoicing.
Email your invoices or print and mail them.

Set up

When you sign up, you`ll place an order for a cheque scanner, install the software onto your computer, and login to your advanced business deposit account online.

Create deposit

Select the account you wish to deposit the funds into. Next, enter the total value of the cheques you’re depositing in the batch and place them on the scanner and select “start capture.”

Submit deposit

Once your cheques are scanned, confirm the amount and make any changes if necessary. Click “complete” and you're done!

Talk to one of our business advisors today about how our advanced business deposit solution can help save you and your business time.

What you get:
  • Speed up deposits
  • Less trips to the branches to make deposits
  • Deposit cheques any time
What it costs:
  • $90 setup fee
  • $35 monthly fee for scanner
  • Additional service charges as needed*

Additional service charges* 

Additional deposit account group  $90 
Removal of deposit account group   $30
Additional deposit account   $20
Removal of deposit account  $5 
Vernon Boat Rentals

Business member spotlight

Spend a day on the water with Vernon Boat Rentals

“I’ve been doing business with Prospera for over 20 years, they call you by name every time you go in. It’s personal. I would recommend Prospera all day long.”

Glenn – Owner, Vernon Boat Rentals

Prospera business advisors provide expertise to keep your business running smoothly.

Business advice

Get help with each stage of your business

Whether you're starting up, growing and busy, stagnating and stuck, or ready to pass the business torch, talk to one of our business advisors for local knowledge and the financial expertise you need on your team.

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