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Personal savings account
Personal banking

Personal savings account

A great way to save and still have the flexibility to access money when you need it. 

An everyday savings account

Stay flexible with more free transactions while still earning interest every month. Save for your next small or large purchase and don’t get dinged any additional fees when you need to access the money.

Monthly features

  • 5 free transactions
  • Interest calculated daily, paid monthly
  • Free electronic statement

Interest rate

  • Earn 0.1%

Monthly fee

  • Free

Used all 5 of your free transactions? No problem!

These services are included in your 5 monthly transactions, but if you need more once in a while, here’s what you'll be charged* for the 6th transaction and beyond:
Withdrawals $1.00
Transfers – in branch $1.00
Pre-authorized debits $1.00
Debit card purchases $1.00
Bill payments – in branch  $1.00
Bill payments – electronic $1.00

Additional services charges*

Since these services aren’t directly related to everyday banking, they’re not included in your 5 monthly transactions:
Interac® e-Transfers (each)  $1.00
All Canadian credit union ATM withdrawals  $1.00
Interac® ATM withdrawals  $2.50
USA EXCHANGE and Foreign Cirrus ATM withdrawals  $3.50

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Ways to bank with us

The many ways you can access your accounts, documents, statements, and more:
Term deposits offer guaranteed returns and peace of mind.

Personal investing

Build savings safely

There are enough ups and downs in life. Save your money in a term deposit and enjoy guaranteed returns. 

How to reach us

Call our Member Service Centre

Toll free
1 888 440 4480

Monday to Friday
8 am - 8 pm

Saturday 9 am - 5 pm

Contact tech support
Send us an email

*Transaction fees are subject to change without notice.