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Prospera offers a range of credit cards to meet your needs.

Pay less credit card interest with a 0% interest rate for 9 months*


Paying down credit card debt just got a lot easier!

Transfer your credit card balance to a new or existing Prospera credit card and enjoy a 0% interest rate for 9 months*.

  • Save money on interest
  • Pay down credit card debt faster
  • Simplify your personal finances

Here’s how much you can save1

This graphic is for illustrative purposes only. The results in the graph are an estimate of how much you can save when you make a balance transfer, not an exact number. Actual interest cost and your potential savings depend on outstanding balances, payment amounts, timing and other factors.

How to complete your balance transfer

By consolidating your balances, you can reduce interest expenses, leaving more money in your pocket for the things that matter most.

Existing cardholders

  1. Call cardholder services at 1-855-341-4643 and request your balance transfer or;
  2. Login to CardWise, select Balance Transfer from the left-hand menu, and follow the onscreen steps.

New cardholders

  1. Apply for a new, eligible Prospera credit card
  2. Register and activate your card with CardWise when you receive it, then click Balance Transfer from the CardWise left-hand menu and follow the onscreen steps; or contact cardholder services at 1-855-341-4643

Apply for a new credit card

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Frequently asked questions

A credit card balance transfer is a process that involves moving existing credit card debt from one card to another. This is often done to consolidate multiple debts into a single card or to manage debt more effectively. It allows individuals to shift their balance from one credit card to another, which might help in simplifying payments and potentially reducing overall interest charges.
The minimum balance transfer amount a cardholder can initiate is $500 and the maximum is $7,500.
Yes, you can transfer balances from more than one card as long as the combined transfer amounts, plus the fees, do not exceed the unused portion of the credit limit available on the receiving credit card account.
The 2% fee will be charged to the receiving credit card account. For example, if a cardholder completes a balance transfer for $1,000, then the charge on the receiving account will be $1,020 (the $1,000 transfer plus the 2% transfer fee of $20).

How to reach us

Call our Member Service Centre

Toll free
1 888 440 4480

Monday to Friday
8 am - 8 pm

Saturday 9 am - 5 pm

Contact tech support
Send us an email
*Offer terms and conditions apply

1 The cost comparison is based on interest accumulated over a 9-month period on a $5,000 Balance Transfer at the promotional Balance Transfer rate of 0.00% plus a 2% Balance Transfer Fee of $100 on the $5,000 Balance Transfer amount, and assumes that the Propsera credit card account does not have an existing balance at the time this offer is accepted, that only the minimum payment is made each month, and that no other transactions are posted to the credit card account during that 9 month period.

To view full terms and conditions, click here.