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Sending and receiving wire transfers

Downloadable wire transfer forms

    Sending a Wire Transfer

    The following information needs to be provided from the beneficiary:

    Beneficiary information

    This is the individual person or business who will receive the funds.

    • Full name or full business name including Ltd, Inc., or Co. for business
    • Date of birth (if an individual)
    • Full address including postal/ZIP code (no P.O. Box number)
    • Phone number
    • Account number
    Receiving bank information

    This is the beneficiary’s bank where their account is held.

    • Full name of the Financial Institution or bank 
    • Full address including postal/ZIP code (no P.O. Box number) 
    • Phone Number Receiving Bank in: 
    • Canada: Transit Number 
      • US: ABA Number or SWIFT Code/BIC Code 
      • United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Ireland: SORT Code 
      • Other Countries: SWIFT Code/BIC Code 
      • Note: SWIFT Code/BIC Code is 8 or 10 characters long 
    • Some Countries also require an International Bank Account Number or have additional requirements, please check the IBAN Countries list and the Countries with Additional Requirements list for the receiving bank’s country and provide the required information if applicable.
    Intermediary Bank Information

    This is a bank that the funds will be sent through to get to the receiving bank. This is needed when sending funds in a currency different than the currency of the country the receiving bank is in.

    • Full name of the Financial Institution or bank
    • Address: City & Country
    • SWIFT Code/BIC Code is 8 or 10 characters long

    Please see our service charge bulletin for sending wire transfers. Please note, often the beneficiary and intermediary financial institutions will deduct fees prior to the wire transfer reaching the beneficiary. Unfortunately, we don’t have control over those fees or what they may be.

    Receiving wire transfers

    To receive a wire transfer, your banking information must be provided to the sender. Complete the form (listed below) that applies to your transaction and complete it with the following:

    • Your full name and address
    • Your banking information as it appears on your cheque:

    Wire transfer forms

    To receive a wire transfer, complete the applicable wire transfer form and provide it to the sender. Contact your local Prospera Credit Union branch to help you complete the form.


    Please note, the Canadian Funds Incoming From Outside Canada form is used for any other currency not listed above. All funds being transferred using this information must be converted into CANADIAN funds prior to being sent.

    If the wire transfer doesn’t include all the necessary information, this may result in the refusal of the wire and the return of funds to the originator. Prospera Credit Union will not be responsible for payment delays or payment cancellations due to missing information.

    For more information please contact any of our branches or Member Service Centre at 1 888 440 4480.

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