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Here’s what account “extras” cost.

    Balance of account Transferring a Prospera account balance to another financial institution $25.00
    Change of signers Per change, after the first one in a year $25.00
    Clearing Chargeback — third-party cheque $7.50
      Unencoded/unqualified items $5.00
      US dollar funds drawn on Canadian dollar account $10.00
      NSF cheque or pre-authorized payment $45.00
      Stop payment $15.00
      Tracing bill payment (less than one year) $15.00
      Tracing bill payment (one year or more) $40.00 /hour
      Non-member cheque cashing $15.00
      Cleared item search  $5.00
      Cleared item search  $40.00/hour
    Closing account within three months Personal and business $25.00
    Collections On-site collections $25.00
      Held for collection (10 days) $35.00
      Cheque sent on collection (excluding any fees from other institutions) $35.00
    Dormant account (inactive for 12 months) Per month $5.00
    Bank draft for US dollar or foreign currency Per item $10.00
    Electronic funds transfer for businesses Set-up fee $150.00
      Auto release $60.00
      Manual release $10.00
      Add another originator id $75.00
      Credit union transaction $0.00
      Other financial institution transaction $0.00
      Mass error correction $10.00
    Wire transfer Incoming $12.00
      Outgoing $20.00
    Foreign cash order Per item $5.00
    Letters Bank confirmation, immigration, interest $25.00
    Debit card Replacement of lost debit card $5.00
    Night depository Unlocked bag (per year to rent) $10.00
      Annual key charge (if applicable) $10.00
      100 small plastic bags $30.00
      100 large plastic bags $55.00
    Photocopies Per sheet $0.50
    Postdated held for deposit Per item $5.00
    Registered products RRSP/RESP/RRIF closed* $100.00
      Self-directed RRSP/RRIF closed* $100.00
      Self-directed annual plan adminstration fee $100.00
      RESP T4 $0.00
      RESP annual fee $0.00
    Transfer out RRSP/RRIF/RESP T2033 $50.00
      TFSA — partial $50.00
      TFSA — full $100.00
      Self-directed plan balance — partial or full $50.00
    Telephone transfer Per item $5.00
    Safe deposit box** Extra-small $40.00
      Small $55.00
      Medium $75.00
      Large $85.00
      Extra-large $140.00
      Extra-extra-large $245.00
      Lock drilling (member lost keys) $25.00 + cost
      Key replacement $15.00
    Statements Hold statement for member pick-up in branch $10.00
    Stop payments Per item $15.00
    Tax receipt Copy $5.00

    How to reach us

    Call our Member Service Centre

    Toll free
    1 888 440 4480

    Monday to Friday
    8 am - 8 pm

    Saturday 9 am - 5 pm

    Contact tech support
    Send us an email

    *Closed within six months for Prospera and 12 months for Westminster.
    **Not available at all locations.