Effective January 1, 2020, Westminster Savings and Prospera Credit Union officially merged. The two credit unions are now one legal entity – Prospera Credit Union. In the months ahead, we will be launching our new brand and will be revising all materials including our website. We appreciate your patience during this transitional period.

Supporting Education

Prospera Educational Awards Program

We are excited to announce that the application period for Fall 2021 semester will open in April.

This year we will be accepting all applications online. Check back for more updates in March!

Please submit any questions through our secure online form.

We understand it’s not easy to go from dreaming to doing—that’s why we created the Prospera Educational Awards Program.

Each year we choose a few people who could use a bit of help. This includes students who have made a significant impact in their schools and local communities, as well as mature students who know it’s never too late to develop talents and abilities to their full potential.

We know a little extra money never hurt anybody (we are, after all, a credit union). That’s why our program offers 35 awards of $1,000, to put towards post-secondary education within our communities. That means $35,000 towards helping people achieve their goals!

Congratulations to the 2020 Educational Award Winners

Each student has been chosen to receive an award of $1,000 towards their post-secondary education:

  • Daniel A. - Abbotsford
  • Elle B. - Langley
  • Kayla C. - Kelowna
  • Heather E. - Chilliwack
  • Vincent L. - Surrey
  • Gagneet G. - Abbotsford
  • Tamyra G. - Kelowna
  • Akash G. - Vancouver
  • Jacob H. – Chilliwack
  • Tatiana H. -Chilliwack
  • Julia H. -Kelowna
  • Sarah J. -Langley
  • Lauren J. - Surrey
  • Ashley J. - Mission
  • Bettina K. - Vancouver
  • Kiran B. - Abbotsford
  • Zaineb K. - Surrey
  • Sarah K. - Burnaby
  • Jessica L. - Cherryville
  • Andre L. - Surrey
  • Lindsay M. - Kelowna
  • Manjot M. – Surrey
  • Anati M. – Surrey
  • Annika M. – Maple Ridge
  • Matayah M. - Surrey
  • Yanika N. – Pitt Meadows
  • Megan O. - Chilliwack
  • Megan P. - Chilliwack
  • David P. – White Rock
  • Rebecca R. – N. Vancouver
  • Harkamal S. - Abbotsford
  • Leonie S. – Lake Country
  • Blake U. - Abbotsford
  • Shreya V. - Surrey
  • Michaela W. – Abbotsford

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