Supporting Education: Educational Awards Program

2019 Prospera Educational Awards Program

Applications are closed. Thanks for participating and check in next year!

We understand it’s not easy to go from dreaming to doing—that’s why we created the Prospera Educational Awards Program.

Each year we choose a few people who could use a bit of help. This includes students who have made a significant impact in their schools and local communities, as well as mature students who know it’s never too late to develop talents and abilities to their full potential.

We know a little extra money never hurt anybody (we are, after all, a credit union). That’s why our program offers 35 awards of $1,000, to put towards post-secondary education within our communities. That means $35,000 towards helping people achieve their goals!

Credit Union Foundation Bursary

The Credit Union Foundation of British Columbia also offers educational bursaries for post-secondary academic, vocational, or technological students who need financial assistance to complete their program of studies.

For complete details on the Credit Union Foundation bursary, click here.


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Credit Union Foundation Bursary