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Get up to $3000 cash back with a mortgage.*

Mortgage rates from 2.35%

Plus, get up to $3000 cash back with a mortgage.*

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Featured Mortgage Rate

5-year Fixed Rate Closed – Insured : 2.35% 5-year Fixed Rate Closed : 2.75%

We won’t judge. No, not even if you spend your cash back on a 200 lb chandelier.

We’ll let you decide on your cash back purchase. But when it comes to your mortgage, we have plenty of support to give. Get expert advice from our financial advisors about mortgages, the home-buying process, and our rates—it’s just another way local banking means more.

Visit us in-person at a branch or call 1 888 440 4480 to book an appointment.
Mortgage Amount Cash Incentive
$150,000 - $249,999 $1,000
$250,000 - $499,999 $2,000
$500,000 - $749,999 $2,500
$750,000+ $3,000
The cash back incentive is available for fixed rate mortgages only.

† The 2.35% 5-Year Fixed Rate Closed – Insured mortgage rate is available for high ratio residential mortgages with default insurance.

† A higher interest rate may apply for non-owner-occupied properties, amortizations greater than 25 years, property purchase price greater than $1,000,000 and exceptions to Prospera’s standard lending guidelines. These rates are accurate as of the time of publishing and are subject to change at any time without notice. For the most up-to-date mortgage rates please visit The interest rate and the Annual Percentage Rates (APR) for our fixed rate offers are compounded semi-annually, not in advance.

*Terms and conditions apply. Click here to view full offer details.