Direct Banking Alerts

Preventing fraud and keeping your accounts safe is one of our top priorities. We have the tools you need to protect your accounts. Sign up for Direct Banking Alerts it’s easy. They offer an effective way to monitor accounts for unauthorized activities, allowing you to notify us should you feel your account has been compromised.

Using the “my alerts” you are able to sign up and register for six Direct Banking Alerts that will notify you via text message and/or email regarding specific activities related to their account. The six alerts include:

  1. New Payee Added Alert – this alert notifies you when a new bill payment vendor account is added to your online banking account.
  2. Password Change Alert – this alert notifies you when your online password has been changed.
  3. Log-in Alert – this alert helps you keep track of authorized log-ins to your account by receiving a notification every time someone logs-in.
  4. Interac e-transfer recipient alert – you will be notified every time a new Interac e-transfer (electronic money transfer) recipient is added to your banking activity.
  5. Contact change alert – this alert notifies you when an email or phone contact is disabled or deleted in your registered profile.
  6. Alert change – this alert notifies you when an active alert is modified or deleted from within your direct banking alert set-up.

It’s quick and easy to sign up for Direct Banking Alerts. Follow these four steps:

  1. When you sign onto online banking, click Messages and Alerts in the menu at the left.
  2. Click Manage Alerts.
  3. Under Security Alerts, select the alert you want from the four choices offered and then click Get Started.
  4. Follow the prompts provided to activate the security alert on your account.

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