Collabria Credit Card Promotion

Collabria Rewards Promotion

Whenever you use your Collabria credit card, you automatically earn reward points that can be redeemed for cash, travel, event tickets, gift cards and more. And here, we’re always looking for ways to help you earn more rewards.

That’s why we are offering you 50% more reward points whenever you shop at discount and stationery stores.

Wondering how the extra reward points work?
Well, whenever you shop at a store that falls under merchant category codes classified as discount, stationery and office supplies stores (codes 5310, 5943 and 5111), you’ll automatically earn 50% more rewards.

All you have to do is take your Collabria credit card with you when you go shopping – it’s as easy as that!

Don’t have a Collabria credit card, check out our card options below and apply today!
You can apply over the phone, by visiting a branch or directly through the Collabria website by selecting the card type you wish to receive.

Personal Cards



*This offer is available on all Collabria consumer rewards credit card accounts and expires October 31, 2020. Classic, Student and Low Rate Business credit cards are excluded from this offer.


In order to receive additional (50% more) reward points for every dollar spent, cardholder must spend their dollars in eligible merchant category codes (MCCs) classified as Discount Stores, Stationery / Office Supplies and Stationery Stores:

  1. Code 5310: Discount Stores
  2. Code 5111: Stationery / Office Supplies
  3. Code 5943: Stationery Stores

Bonus reward points will be awarded only in those eligible merchant categories. Eligible categories are subject to change without notice. Collabria Financial has no control over how a merchant is classified. Collabria Financial will not issue additional bonus rewards should the merchant from whom cardholder made their Net Purchase not be classified in the category they expected.