Personal Line of Credit

A line of credit provides a convenient one-time loan arrangement to cover fluctuating cash flow needs.

  • Available starting at $5,000;
  • You can easily access your line of credit by making a cash withdrawal, using your Debit Card at ATMs or retailers, or by writing a cheque;
  • Interest rates are substantially lower than a conventional credit card rate;
  • Interest is paid only on the amount actually used for the length of time you use it;
  • Use the line of credit as a reserve for emergencies;
  • Repayment schedule is very flexible to suit your needs. A minimum monthly interest-only payment is the only requirement;
  • Repay the line of credit any time without penalty;
  • Attached to a chequing account, you can control and keep a record of personal finances;
  • Life and disability insurance is available.


See Prospera Line of Credit Rates.
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