Fraud Prevention

National Fraud Prevention Month is intended to educate people on fraud-related issues and provide guidance on how to "Recognize it. Report it. Stop it."

Fraud comes in many forms. Being informed and learning about fraudulent schemes is your best protection. Prospera Credit Union is pleased to offer the following tips on how to protect yourself from identity theft. Check your accounts regularly and follow these tips to help keep your banking experience secure.

Be skeptical

  • Prospera Credit Union will never ask you to respond via e-mail to any requests for personal information, PINs or passwords
  • Beware of people asking you to move money for them or notices that you have won a lottery you didn't play; remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is

Protect your PIN, password and personal information

  • Your PIN and password are the keys to your account; never share your PIN or password with anyone
  • For added protection, try covering your hand when entering in your PIN number; this will prevent others from seeing it
  • Before you recycle old documents, be sure to shred them first

Practice safe computing

  • Having a firewall and up-to-date anti-virus software is important in keeping your computer protected.

To learn more about how Prospera Credit Union helps protect your personal information, please click here.


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