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Membership Equity Shares

Membership Equity Shares are required to secure your voting privilege as a member of Prospera Credit Union.

  • All members are required to purchase a minimum amount of Membership Equity Shares to secure their membership, and all the benefits of membership, in Prospera Credit Union;
  • Regular member share is $5;
  • Business member share is $5;
  • Junior member share, up to and including 18 years of age, is $5;
  • Low cost of shares provides great member benefits;
  • All money invested in Membership Equity Shares is returned to you if you close your account(s);
  • A dividend based on the earnings of the Credit Union is calculated on the minimum quarterly balance and is paid annually on January 1st of each year, so you actually earn money on your investment;
  • Funds invested in Membership Equity Shares are not covered by Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation.