Online Banking Changes

As a Prospera Credit Union member, we understand that you want secure, reliable access to your accounts, that’s why we’re continuously improving and upgrading
our service.

Very shortly, we will be changing the way you log-in to online and mobile banking.
This upgrade enables us to be consistent with standard banking practices. It will also enhance the security and privacy of our online and mobile banking services and allow for future enhancements, features and functionality to continue to improve your experience with Prospera Credit Union in the years to come.

To access your account(s) via online and mobile banking beginning February 3, 2015, you will need to use the last nine digits of your debit card number and your password. You will receive a letter from Prospera Credit Union in the mail in early January 2015 outlining this change with instructions on how to access your account.

An immediate benefit of this change is that you will have the ability to view all of your accounts, including any joint accounts that you currently have, in one view upon logging in to online banking.

As a result of the change on February 3, the following features will be impacted:

  1. Password. You may need to change your password at log-in depending on your account structure.
  2. Interac e-Transfer Sender Profile and Recipient List. If you have one, we recommend you print your Interac e-Transfer recipient list before February 3, to ensure that you can set up your list again quickly and easily following the change.
  3. "Pending" Interac e-Transfers. You will need to ensure any pending transfers that have been sent to you are accepted prior to February 3 or they may not be processed.
  4. All previous Interac e-Transfer Pending History will no longer be accessible after February 3.
  5. Going forward only the initiator of an Interac e-Transfer will be able to view or cancel the transaction in online and mobile banking.
  6. Memorized Account Feature. If you want to use it, you will need to set up this feature after February 3.
  7. Mobile Text Banking. If you use this, you will need to re-register your mobile phone.
  8. Direct Banking Alerts may have to be set up again depending on your account structure.
  9. ePost. Depending on your account structure, this function may have to be set up again.

Online help is available if you need to set up any of the features after February 3. Should you have questions or require assistance, we are here to support you by telephone at 1-888-440-4480 or at any branch of Prospera Credit Union.


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