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Our new integrated payroll system makes online banking easier, so you have more time to focus on what’s important– your business.

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Easily pay your team directly through online banking with our integrated payroll system.

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Who is Payment Evolution?

We have collaborated with a leading FinTech payment provider, Payment Evolution, to develop the payroll product. Payment Evolution is Canada's largest and most loved cloud payroll and payments service.

How do I register/access payroll?

After you log into your business account at, click on the payroll link in the left sidebar and follow the registration steps.

Are there charges for using the Payroll Service?

Yes, there is a monthly fee of $20.00 plus a $2.50 fee per employee per run (ie: if you have 5 employees on your 15th run and 4 employee on your 30th run you will be charged for 9 employees at $2.50 = $22.50).

Is there a charge if you deregister and then re-register?

Yes, there is a one time fee of $25.00.

Will the payroll postings get included in my month-end service charges?

It’s possible depending on your package that the payroll that you post (shows as a Utility Bill) could be included in the Bill Payment charges.

Can I assign delegate access?

You can grant access to delegates with 3 different levels of access; View only, Payroll Manager and Payroll Master.

I’ve submitted my payroll how do I approve the transfer?

To approve your payroll transfer click on “Business Services” to see your transaction manager. Any outstanding transactions that you’d like to approve will appear here. Simply navigate to your payroll transaction and click approve.

When is the total payroll deducted from my account?

As soon as payroll is approved, the payroll amount is deducted from your account. There is also a monthly service fee which is debited at the end of the month.

As an employer, when would I need to submit and approve Payroll for a Friday deposit?

During a regular work week (i.e. no statutory holidays), Payroll would need to be approved by Wednesday, 9am PST (12PM EST) for a Friday deposit.

When are employees paid?

Your employees are paid on the date outlined in the transaction manager under the Payment Date field.

How do I cancel a payroll run?

In the transaction manager, selecting the reject option will cancel the payrun.

How do I cancel payroll service?

If you want to cancel the service, simply click the business products link in the left sidebar when you are logged into online banking. Select the service you want to deregister from. Please note you will not be able to deregister if you have pending payroll transactions within 10 days.

Please note: there is a re-registration fee for $25 if a business member cancels and re-subscribes.

How do my employees view their paystub?

PayChequer is a PaymentEvolution app that enables employees to view their pay stub and pay history online. A video tutorial for PayChequer is available here:

Employees are given access to PayChequer when they are set up on the payroll system.

How do I change my business information?

Simply navigate below your business information on the dashboard and click edit. When you are finished editing your details click save.

How do I process my Payroll?

You can read a comprehensive guide on how to set up and process your payroll here.

How do I switch from another payroll provider?

You can switch from another payroll provider at any time. After you export your data from your existing provider you can import it here. Read this guide for more details on importing and setting up your data. You may need to consult your existing provider to export your current data.

How do I add a new employee?

Under your business, select your account and click “view payroll.” Once loaded, click the “employees” icon in the top right of your screen. Below that you can click the add new employee button to get started. For more details read this guide.

How do I set up direct deposit?

To pay your employees through direct deposit simple enter their financial institution details in their employee profile. To locate their profile, log in to payroll, click “employees” in the top right of your screen and edit the appropriate employee.

How do I create Tax slips with payroll?

Payroll can create, T4s, ROEs and many other types of tax slips.
To create a T4, T4A or RL-1 slip follow this guide.

To create a ROE (Record of Employment) follow this guide.

Can I change what account I use for my payroll?

Yes. You can change your default account to use with your payroll by selecting from the dropdown next to your business information on this page.

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