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Merchant Services and Payment Terminals – Clover | Square | Motion Pay


small business local business merchant services

Prospera’s unique partnership with Fiserv Merchant Services gives you the ability to choose from multiple merchant service providers – keeping you in the driver seat.

  • Offer All Types of Payments: Accept swipe, chip, and contactless payments securely.
  • Inventory Management: Real-time inventory updates and low-stock alerts.
  • Order Management: Keep track of every order taken.
  • Clear pricing
  • Free point of sale app
  • Perfect for local business
  • Engage with Chinese customers
  • QR code based transactions
  • Portable smart POS terminal


Clover, from Fiserv, simplifies the lives of small business merchants with all-in-one, tailored business management solutions that help merchants; accept payments easily, run their business more efficiently, and identify opportunities to grow their business. Clover's business management solutions provide the software, hardware, and tools that restaurant, retail, and service merchants need to run all aspects of their business more effectively.

Clover Gets Small Businesses

From contactless point-of-sale devices and online payments to tracking inventory and engaging with loyal customers –and everything in between, we help small businesses thrive through every stage of business growth.

Clover provides the hardware, the software and the payment processing – an all in one solution.

Offer All Types of Payments.

Accept swipe, chip, and contactless payments securely with built-in Clover Security. Clover also have the ability to integrate with existing POS Systems.

Inventory Management.

Optimize your inventory with real-time updates and low-stock alerts. Keep your inventory organized and accessible with categories and labels.

Order Management.

Keep track of every order taken. If you have multiple devices, the Orders app records orders from every device. Incomplete orders are saved: you can open, add payments, refund, or delete an incomplete order.

Stay Connected.

Enabled to use WiFi, LTE and IP on one device. Use your Clover in your restaurant, on the patio and for deliveries.

Custom Configurations.

Add your logo, website and personal message to your payment receipts. Customize tips. Print, email or text receipts to customers.

Robust Reports.

Track sales as they come in, wherever you need to run your business whether on the floor, at the office, or on the road. Information at-a-glance: from hourly sales and top-selling items to refund and discount volume at or on the Clover Dashboard mobile app.

Employee Management.

Control employee permissions and manage employee shifts on the Clover or via the Clover Dashboard.

Clover App Market.

Access tools that help simply business tasks – from orders, bookkeeping and accounting, loyalty and gift cards, and much more.


Square® gives you everything you need to accept payments and run your entire business from one place.

Accept credit cards, debit tap, and mobile pay anywhere.

The Square Reader for contactless and chip works with the free Square Point of Sale app to help you take credit card, debit tap (under $100), and mobile payments (like Apple Pay and Android Pay) anywhere with your mobile device.

Only accept credit? Swipe credit card payments from anywhere with the free Square Reader for magstripe.

Clear pricing, fast deposits

With Square, you pay 2.65% per transaction on all major credit cards, including AMEX. Get your money in 1-2 business days.

All business, less work

Payments, tipping, digital receipts, inventory, reports, and more – the free Square Point of Sale app makes the hard stuff easy.

Motion Pay - Alipay & WeChat Pay

Motion Pay AliPay WeChat Pay – Engage with Chinese Consumers – POS terminal

Engage with Chinese customers

  • Portable smart POS terminal
  • QR sticker
  • E-mail Payment
  • Online Payment
  • Customers spend their local currency, funds settle into your business deposit account in Canadian Dollars
  • POS system integration
  • Chinese Marketing Solution – Welcome Chinese Certificate

Is this solution right for your business?

  • 2 million+ Chinese immigrants in Canada
  • 700,000+ Chinese tourists in 2017
  • 180,000+ Chinese students
  • Alipay and WeChat Pay are the preferred payment method for Chinese consumers.
  • Tap into a new customer segment by allowing fast and easy payments
  • Ultra low cost to begin accepting transfers
  • Preferred method of payment in tourism, retail, education, winery, and restaurant industries for Chinese tourists, and students

What is Motionpay?


Motionpay is the first service provider to bring Alipay and WeChat Pay, the preferred method of payments for Chinese tourists, to Canada. Motion Pay provides a safe, and flexible solution for accepting payments through retail, internet and mobile channels.

What is Alipay?


Alipay is a third party digital wallet app for mobile and online payment processing. Founded by Alibaba Group in 2004, it links directly to a user’s Chinese bank account, allowing for safe, secure, and fast payment transfers.

Alipay is a dominant payment provider in China with over 1 billion worldwide users, and in recent years has extended its partnership in Canada – Alipay now offers payment solutions for Chinese tourists who wish to make their payments directly from their Chinese bank account.

What is WeChat and WeChat Pay?


Founded by Chinese investment holding conglomerate, Tencent, WeChat began as a chat app in 2010, and is now a market leading platform that integrates functionalities such as social media platforms, payment solutions, voice and video calls, news, games, and so much more.

The payment platform within WeChat, known as WeChat Pay, allows Chinese users to integrate their banking information into the app to make purchases at virtually any merchant in China directly through their mobile device. Known for its ease of use and secure method of payment, WeChat Pay has grown so enormous in China it now has a monthly user base of more than 900 million.

How can your business start accepting payments from Alipay or WeChat Pay?


Businesses looking to reach Chinese consumers require either a unique QR Code for customers to scan and make payments, or a specialized POS terminal to scan the customers QR code to take payments. Using a QR code, a customer can use either the Alipay or Wechat Pay app on their phone to scan your business’ QR code, allowing them to make a purchase. Using a merchant’s designated POS terminal, the business can accept the payment by scanning the customers QR code. In both scenarios, the funds will leave the customers Chinese bank account and deposit into the business’ account as Canadian currency.