Effective January 1, 2020, Westminster Savings and Prospera Credit Union officially merged. The two credit unions are now one legal entity – Prospera Credit Union. In the months ahead, we will be launching our new brand and will be revising all materials including our website. We appreciate your patience during this transitional period.

Automated Funds Transfer

Create a payments strategy to keep your supplier relationships strong – and your payments on time.


How can PaymentSream AFT optimize your cash cycle?

  • Reduce admin time by automating regular customer fee collection
  • Increase visibility into payments
  • Reduce admin time by automating regular payments to vendors and suppliers

PaymentStream Automated Funds Transfer (AFT) is a secure file transfer service that enables safe and simple funds transfers in and out of your Prospera business accounts.

Perfect for:
  • Collecting payments like gym memberships, strata payments, and everything in between
  • Dispersing regular and semi-regular payments to your supplier network


  • $200 one time set up fee
  • $50/month automatic file release
  • $10/file manual file release
  • Security Token extra


PaymentStream AFT uses the latest two-factor authentication technology to ensure your money is secure from end to end. Users can choose a physical token (hard token) or a digital token available for free through your smartphone.

  • $15 per hard token
  • $35 hard token replacement fee
  • FREE Digital token

User Support Videos

Prospera is proud to provide PaymentStream AFT together with our partner Central1. They are the partner of choice for financial, digital banking and payment products and services for over 250 financial institutions across Canada. If you are a current user of PaymentStream AFT, you may be interested in the below support videos to help optimize your use of the program.

File Uploading Support Expand/Collapse

Data Entry Automatic Release Support Expand/Collapse

Data Entry Manual Release Support Expand/Collapse