Automated Funds Transfer

You’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with your customers and suppliers. Now it’s time to create a payment strategy to keep those relationships strong, and your payments on time.


How can PaymentSream AFT optimize your cash cycle?

  • Reduce admin time by automating regular customer fee collection
  • Increase visibility into payments
  • Reduce admin time by automating regular payments to vendors and suppliers

PaymentStream Automated Funds Transfer (AFT) is a secure file transfer service that enables safe and simple funds transfers in and out of your Prospera business accounts.

Perfect for:
  • Collecting payments like gym memberships, strata payments, and everything in between
  • Dispersing regular and semi-regular payments to your supplier network


  • $200 one time set up fee
  • $50/month automatic file release
  • $10/file manual file release
  • Security Token extra


PaymentStream AFT uses the latest two-factor authentication technology to ensure your money is secure from end to end. Users can choose a physical token (hard token) or a digital token available for free through your smartphone.

  • $15 per hard token
  • $35 hard token replacement fee
  • FREE Digital token