Things are starting to look a little different, but the way you bank remains the same.
We have a new look and a new promise, learn more at You will continue to bank as you always have for now, using the same banking information, mobile apps and other services.

FAQ during COVID-19

The health and well-being of our members and employees is our top priority

Will I still be able to access my funds and/or my accounts in the event that branches have to close down?
  • Yes. Plans are in place to continue delivering banking services and financial advice to our members. This includes access to funds and/or accounts regardless of whether there are temporary branch closures or not due to the COVID-19 situation.
  • There is continued access to funds through online banking, mobile banking, telephone banking, the Contact Centre and ATMs. See tips below on how to use these banking services if needed.

What do I do if I have concerns around my financial situation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • What if I can’t make my mortgage or loan payment?
    • Contact your account manager or the Contact Centre.
  • What if I can’t pay my bills?
    • Contact your service provider and ask about any flexible payment options they may be able to provide.
  • The federal government has extended the filing deadline for the 2020 tax season.
    • Canadians will have until June 1 to submit their tax return to CRA.
    • Deadline to pay off any outstanding balances interest-free is extended until July 31, 2020.
    • Learn more here.

What if I don’t know how to use online banking or mobile banking?
  • Learn more about how to use online banking here. We have detailed steps on many of our daily transactions including paying bills, viewing account balances, remote cheque deposit capture (called Deposit Anywhere) and transferring funds.
  • Learn how to use mobile banking here. Learn how to download the mobile app on your mobile device and review our Frequently Asked Questions to help get you started.
  • If you need additional support, call the Contact Centre (1-888-440-4480) and our agents can assist you with any of these processes.

How can I protect myself during these trying times?
  • We advise all of our members to be alert of suspicious activity online. Please always remember to use safe internet and email practices. Your security remains our top priority during these times and we encourage all members to review our Cyber Security Best Practices to ensure you stay protected.