How to protect yourself

There are plenty of things you can do to minimize the risks to you and your money. While we provide tools to help you protect yourself, as a member you also play an important role in preventing financial crime. If you ever suspect your personal information may be compromised – or you think you may be a victim of fraud – it’s your responsibility to get in touch with us immediately at 1.888.440.4480 or contact your local Prospera branch.

Tips to avoid debit and credit card fraud
  • Memorize your debit and credit card PINs, don’t write them down
  • Keep your wallet and cards close at all times (especially in places like restaurants, pubs, etc.)
  • Don’t give your PIN out to anyone (even a friend or family member)
  • Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle and check to make sure you lock doors when you leave
  • Don’t let anyone walk away with your debit/credit card in a restaurant or store, go with them or ask them to bring the terminal to you
  • Always shield the keypad from the view of others when you enter your PIN
  • Monitor your statements for unauthorized transactions (it’s simple and only takes a few moments each month)
  • Set up account alerts set up alerts (these are generally sent via email or text and they inform you if certain types of transactions are made)
Protecting yourself online

You can maximize the security of your online activities and protect yourself against identity theft and other online fraud by learning more about security and safe computing practices we have compiled for each main section below.

  • General Security
    Includes resources on securing your computer and smartphone
  • Online Banking
    Taking some common-sense steps to help protect yourself adds an extra layer of protection to your online banking experience
  • Safe Browsing
    Simple tips that you can follow to ensure that your online experience is safe
  • Common Scams

The Government of Canada has information on Fraud Prevention Month and how to protect yourself. Learn more here.


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