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2015 Annual Report

At Prospera, we've got a message to share with the world.

Don't just bank. Prosper.

The health of our families and communities is dependent on overall wellness and financial wellness impacts that. In Canada, the average household has roughly $1.64 in debt for every dollar of disposable income. That doesn't sound very healthy!

We believe everyone deserves financial wellness, we also believe as a credit union we have a responsibility to help people in our communities build a better, financially brighter future...and one more thing, we believe it doesn't have to be complicated so we're working with members to take the frustration out of their finances.

It starts with a roadmap, which is something we offer to all of our members, free of charge. The roadmap helps us get to know you and it helps you put down on paper your most important short and long term goals and plans. It also gives you a good picture of where you're really at financially. After that, we start talking about how we can make those goals and plans a reality, together. Using a roadmap, we've helped members get control of their debt, schedule all of their payments so they don’t get dinged with interest charges, save money on their mortgage, put more into their RSP and make better financial decisions.

A lot of exciting things are happening at Prospera, you can find out more right here on

We're investing in helping our communities thrive. Have a look.

Members are sharing stories about how we've helped them. Check out what they have to say about Prospera.

Knowing that an informed member gives the best direction, we provide full disclosure in our annual reports.

Download 2015 Governance Report
Download 2015 Management Discussion & Analysis
Download 2015 Consolidated Financial Statements


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